About us


Hear Me Roar! (HMR) is an annual festival of feminist arts that takes place across the city of Lancaster and on Lancaster University campus. The 3rd Festival takes place from 26th April to 4th May 2017.

HMR brings together professional and community-led artistic activity with academic research on gender equality, arts practices, artworks of feminist interest, and other activities exploring equality and diversity.

This year’s activity is not publically funded, so the festival will be a little bit smaller this year. However, through excellent partnerships across the city and campus, we are able to present and support some excellent activity, including a new theatre commission for children called The Astonishing Vacuum Cleaner Adventure, by One Tenth Human, feminist greats Liz Aggiss (live art) and Bridget Christie (stand up), alongside much dancing and debate.

The full programme will be announced soon.

The crowd gathers for the Bush Rush at the 2015 festival… can you spot the board member hiding in the crowd?


Hear Me Roar! (HMR) is an unincorporated association based in Lancaster. The association develops, produces and promotes an annual contemporary feminist arts festival celebrating diversity and seeking to spark positive conversations around achieving equality. The festival typically happens in March.

In addition to the festival, HMR is responsible for hosting a number of arts events on the same subject throughout the year. These may include (and are not limited to): film clubs, public talks & lectures.

HMR also supports the development of community and artistic projects concerned with celebrating diversity and achieving equality, or of feminist interest.

HMR uniquely brings together professional and community-led artistic activity within a rigorous academic framework. In bringing together diverse communities and ideas, HMR provides a powerful platform to instigate positive social change by promoting intergenerational dialogue, understanding and co-operation between feminists (or those with an interest in feminism/feminist discourses) past, present and future.

HMR utilises artistic activity to disseminate, explore and make accessible world-class research on gender equality.

HMR is committed to creating playful and engaging environments in which to develop audiences for feminist arts practices, artworks of feminist interest, and other activities exploring equality and diversity.

HMR is committed to ensuring that it is at the forefront of innovation in terms of the form, content and context of its activities.


The current Hear Me Roar! steering committee comprises:

Dr. Alice Booth (Chair)

Leo Burtin (Treasurer & Administrator)

Prof. Geraldine Harris

Dr. Celia Roberts

Dr. Debra Ferreday

Rona Murray

The current Festival production team comprises:

Leo Burtin (Creative Producer)

Jake Orr (Marketing & Audience Development Manager)

Ian Daly (Technical & Production Manager)

with support from Danielle Ash, Phil Cole, Alex Medlyn-Davies, Ewa Witaszek and our brilliant volunteers.

Hear Me Roar! is an independent festival in partnership with Lancaster Arts, Lancaster University’s Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Friends Programme grant fund, and the Insight Research Centre (LICA). The festival is funded by Arts Council England.