Sarah Punshon Portrait

Sarah Punshon appointed Artistic Director at the Dukes

We are thrilled to hear of the announcement that Sarah Punshon will be the next Artistic Director at the Dukes theatre.

Sarah received our first commission for a show for under 12s, The Vacuum Cleaner Project which will be presented during the festival, just before Sarah begins her new and exciting adventure in Lancaster. We wish to congratulate Sarah on her appointment and thank the Dukes for making a bold artistic choice which will have a fantastic impact on the cultural fabric of the city.

With the recent announcement of Jocelyn Cunningham‘s appointment as Director of Lancaster Arts, we are also pleased to see two women are now holding major leadership positions in the city’s cultural community, which – if not a first – certainly had not been the case in recent years.

We wish Sarah the very best for her move to Lancaster, and are looking forward to working with her beyond the development of The Vacuum Cleaner project for Hear Me Roar.

To find out more about Sarah and her previous work see the Dukes’ announcement of her appointment.

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